Jotars Onyx.

Storm was the "clown" of the bunch! Even at 15 years old he acted like he was 6 months old!! There was never a dull moment when he's was around, I remember once at a Championship show, with a friend handling him while I had his brother Ebony, he thew himself on his back with everything on show just as the judge was about to go over him & wouldn't move until I came to show him!!!!! He always brought a big smile to mine & everyone else's face who met him. Such a sweet boy from beginning to end. Rest in peace now old boy, go & play with your Brother Ebony & do as your Mummy Sapphire says until I come home to you. I will Love & Remember you forever my little "Clown"

Ebony & Storm 12.5yrs (2)

Storm @12.5yrs