Dindella Hugo's Charmer.

15.06.1982 - 23.02.1992


Corydon Handsome Hugo x Corydon Copper Charm

Honey was the first dog that I owned myself. Due to her breeders ignorance about CEA/PRA Honey was blind in one eye with a detached retina, & this is why I have ALWAYS made it, along with temperament, the MOST IMPORTANT consideration when breeding any of my babies. Honey was also reared in a kennel enviroment & this showed in her nervous disposition, as she was nearly 6 months old when she came to live with me she was totally unaware of all the normal household sounds & everything frightened her, it took nearly a year to bring her around. So please remember these IMPORTANT things when buying a puppy. Despite this Honey was a very specical little girl who needed lots of love but gave so much more love back in return. Goodnight sweet girl, look after your brother Prince until Mummy comes home, be brave my sweet.