10.01.1991 - 28.04.2005


Denam @ 3.5yrs

Denam was a real gentleman, despite being a real bully when growing up! But once in the show ring he found his manners & never reverted back to the young Denam! Denam was my first collie to find his natural instinct in hunting rabbits, & has been the teacher for all my future generations. His colour was perfection in my eye's, not the slate/dark blue colour seen in many of today's "blues" he was also "marled" & NOT spotted as the breed standard calls for. Even at 14.5yrs he was still a lovely silvery blue colour. His most noteable achievement was winning a Reserve C.C, & of course giving me my baby Guinness. Goodnight,sleep tight my blue boy LOVE ALWAYS Mummy.