Where It All Began.....

  My passion for the Collie began as far back as I can remember,
I had always wanted a "Lassie" just like in the movies, so when my parents lost their old dog my wish was granted. Prince wasn't a Sable & White like in the movies but a tri-colour, but he was the most cute & cuddly pup you could imagine (well what pup wouldn't be to a 9 year old girl?!) It was in 1982 that Prince came to live with us followed shortly by his sister Honey, and that was our family complete, until a friend said " why don't you try and show them?" We did with not much success but that was me hooked. Prince & Honey were not bred to be show dogs so we started to look around for one that was, so came Tara into the family. It is from Tara that my affix originates........... We mated her to Ch. Antoc Face The Music (pet name Joe) and combining the two pet names I came up with JOTARS, so the memory of that very first mating lives on every time my affix is used.
  My first Sheltie came into my life in 1992, after I was given him by the lady I used to handle for, he won well for me gaining 2CC's & 1 Res CC (quite something for someone new to the breed) but that elusive third & crowning CC never materialised!!
  Then in 2003 came the Aussies, they are quite something else & are definately going to be playing an important part in my future plans. A breed not disimilar to the Collie's, temperament wise, but they are not for the faint hearted, as they are alot more headstrong than the Collie's!!!
  All my dogs live as part of the family, that means in the house NOT in kennels, which is testiment to the brilliant temperaments they have, all babies leave me as well socialised & adjusted pups, (even if I find it hard parting with them) to see how happy they make their new families fills me with great satisfaction for all the hours of hard work, time & love I put into them before they leave Mummy (ME!!!!)
  Before I consider breeding with any of my dog's they have to be eye tested clear & have a total hip score less than 14.
Breeding HAPPY, HEALTHY dogs is of utmost importance to me.

Pile of Puppies