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                                                          The jotars family april 2006.

sitting l-r: quincy,classic,telford,morgan,raven,guinness,topaz, whisper, coogan.

Laying L-R: storm, ebony,grace,passion,wishes,winter,crystal,conni,dusky,dazzle.

16th April 2006 (2)



"fit for function & fit for life"

& they make sure they enjoy it to the max!!!!!

Here you can enjoy some of the fun times they have every day & see that not all pedigree dogs are genetically mutant freaks!!!!

IMG_4569 (2) It''s Mine! (2) Swim (2) 076 Copy of IMG_8807 Copy of Q & Dazz play Copy of Swim time Copy of Sam catch Copy of Spicy jump Snow Group Pix 10.1.10 Toy Toy 007 (2) 12.4.10

A precious photo taken just 3 days before I said Goodbye to my "Heart" dog Guinness.

From L-R:

Dusky (Daughter) GUINNESS;

Carling (Son);

Easter (G. Daughter)

Telford (G. Son)

Family 28.2.12 Collie Family 28.4.12 3 Generations 28.4.12


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